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On Fri, 14 Dec 2001 10:45:28 -0500, "Steve Bonney"
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>Never have I seen  one person destroy the purpose, 
>rhythm, conviviality and collegiality of a list as much as 
>you have done. Even your attempt to get on the 
>permaculture track (e.g. listmember's ecologies) has 
>turned into the same contentious argument. In fact,

I feel that he has contributed much to ways of looking and thinking
about permaculture. I hope the philosophical dialog will continue.

>you have managed to turn every thread into the same 
>argument. Of course, this post will initiate yet another.

Not so.

>Permaculture is about relationships, yet your combative
>style (attack of every point, condescension, and need for 
>the last word) destroys rather than builds relationships.

He is no more combative than anyone else, you inculded.

>>do we need to worry yet regarding the
>> volume of bandwidth we're consuming?


>I can't possibly keep up with the volume and length of all
>this mental masturbation. Follow your own advice and take
>it somewhere else. If not, I will.

You can label his posts as suits you but Sean is free to post
as he sees fit in this list, as all of us are, as long as our topics 
are related to permaculture in some tangible way. 
If you don't like Sean's posts please just hit the delete key.


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