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Fri Dec 14 11:16:14 EST 2001

Howdy All,

I find this a bit of a strange place to make my first post to this list...

I subscribed to this list after meeting Nick Routledge in OKC on his jaunt
across the nation. Any of you that have met Nick or enjoyed reading his
animated, uplifting, and positive posts can understand why my hopes for this
list were high. 

I was motivated to get learning about permaculture because (exactly as you
mention Steve) it seems to be about building / understanding / fostering
relationships. Permaculture seemed to be an area that would inevitably cross
into human relationships. My thoughts were that human relationships could be
better understood or managed in one's life by couching an understanding of
these relationships in terms of permaculture (or its pieces). Don't we all
have guilds, optimum conditions? Don't we all grow best in the right

So. How does this relate to this UnPermaculture thread? Not sure. But maybe
a discussion of what we hope to get from this list (positives) would help to
put things back on track (if they are off)?

Dave Lowther
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Subject: UnPermaculture

Never have I seen  one person destroy the purpose, 
rhythm, conviviality and collegiality of a list as much as 
you have done. Even your attempt to get on the 
permaculture track (e.g. listmember's ecologies) has 
turned into the same contentious argument. In fact,
you have managed to turn every thread into the same 
argument. Of course, this post will initiate yet another.

Permaculture is about relationships, yet your combative
style (attack of every point, condescension, and need for 
the last word) destroys rather than builds relationships.

>do we need to worry yet regarding the
> volume of bandwidth we're consuming?

I can't possibly keep up with the volume and length of all
this mental masturbation. Follow your own advice and take
it somewhere else. If not, I will.

Steve Bonney
Sustainable Earth
  a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to the 
  development of sustainable family farming systems 
  and local food systems
100 Georgton Ct.
W. Lafayette, IN 47906
(765) 463-9366

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