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Fri Dec 14 10:59:37 EST 2001

Hello Kevin,

Your bioremediation experiment reminds me of a fellow named Paul Stamets 
(sp?) in Washington state.  He was able to achieve similar results in a 
similar situation using oyster mushrooms.  Fungi being a primary decomposer 
of carbon chains(wood, leaves, coffee grounds, motor oil?, etc.),just 
wondering, out loud, if there might be some correlation or if you noted any?

>I am a firm believer that coffee grounds are one of the
>most fertile soil amendments available!

I agree with you 100%.  Almost seems as if the coffee grounds grow worms.
I do add some sort of liming amendment to most applications to balance the 
acidity, but not to much.

In Paul's catalog "Fungi Perfecti", he offers what he calls the "Espresso 
Mushroom".  Which basically is coffee grounds inoculated with oyster spores.


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