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Fri Dec 14 04:31:02 EST 2001

> From: "Lee Flier" <lflier at>

> You can't say anything
> even in jest without somebody getting their
> panties all in a wad. I'm a very sensitive
> person, and I hate stereotypes more than almost
> anything, but humor like this doesn't do
> anything to "perpetuate" stereotypes. If
> anything, poking fun at a stereotype can help
> to break it down.  How can people ever become
> close if they can't laugh together, including
> about sensitive issues?

Please see my post to Gene in this thread, re
tact and the diverse politics of our
community-at-large. I address the issues you
raise here.

In summary, however, we can laugh together fine
without having to resort to limited forms of
humour that fail to acknowledge the wild
diversity of permaculturists and people in
general (men, women, the intersexed and
bigendered, yuppies, hippies, techies, luddites,
monogamists, polyamorists, gay, bi, straight,
etc). Such acknowledgement does take more work
and consideration, but I'll bet the results would
prove worth the effort, both in learning about
others, and in sharing a laugh with such
different folks.

> And even if I didn't think the posts were funny
> I'd just hit the delete key and leave it at
> that, rather than tell others what is
> appropriate to think and say.  Will the Thought
> Police please give it a rest?

Lay off the ad hominems. I expressed my opinion.
I do not have the power to restrict anything on
this list. You can post whatever you want, but I
will speak out when I consider it necessary.


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