cultural myths and misery

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> > From: "souscayrous" <souscayrous at>
> > Or, rather, go back to the argument of those
> > who rule the symbols rule us because humans are
> > a semantic class of life (after Korzybski) and
> > refute John's claim?
> I see how that quote could have given one a false
> lead. I believe we need to know the tools our
> rulers might use--and know them well enough to
> know the tools' weak points, the extent of their
> validity, their potential use for our own
> attempts at evaluative self-defense.
> Korzybski emphasized our time-binding or semantic
> characteristic for re-education because, as an
> evolved characteristic of our meat-computers we
> cannot abandon it. And if we don't know how to
> use it well, we leave ourselves open to
> manipulation by the more unconscionable users of
> symbols--and, as people have been quick to
> observe in this thread and elsewhere,
> unfortunately sometimes this describes our
> rulers, whether in the guise of bureaucrat,
> psychiatrist, lawyer, priest, banker, CEO, etc.
> By the way, Toby, thanks for
> 'meat-computer'--what a fun little neologism.
> Sean
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