Ethylene-oxygen cycle

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> Aware that information about the ethylene-oxygen cycle taught in
> permaculture courses dated from research carried out in the 1970s, I
> contacted the CSIRO media people in Canberra who tracked down references
> me. I no longer have these, but locating them should not be a challenge
> those interested.
> What I found was that there had been no research since the cycle first
> attracted attention.
> The implications of what Robyn said about the researcher are alarming  -
> I have no reason to doubt what she has reported although I have
> an enormous number of rumours and conspiracy theories during my time in
> journalism and in other work.
> I am also aware that scientists carry grievances for slights such as being
> turned down for research funding and so on and that this can influence
> they say to people. The question becomes how to discern what is likely
> As for the cycle, I have found that students find it a very difficult
> concept to comprehend. I have watched a number of experienced permaculture
> teachers attempt to describe the permutations of the cycle.
> ...Russ Grayson
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> >>> ...because without a job, a lab, funds, research facilities, etc. it
> >>> might be pretty hard to "do science."  Not to mention kids, mortgage
> >>> payments, all the various obligations they've chosen
> >>
> >> Reminds me of the great soil research conducted by Dr Alan Smith when
> >> discovered the ethylene-oxygen cycle. His findings weren't what the
> >
> > Could you describe the ethylene-oxygen cycle with references and
> > URL's?
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