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I am sorry to have to advise that Mr. Cropper was unfortunately killed
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> >Can somebody explain to me why --"Never use lead head nails as fasteners
on such a roof; alternatives: stainless steel screws, also galvanized screws
and nails with neoprene washers"
> Lead-head nails are galvanized ring-shank roofing nails with lead caps
> surrounding the smaller galvanized steel heads on the nails. When you
> nail your 5-V roofing panels to your skip sheathing or plywood decking
> you'll nail into the inner of the two outside ridges of the panels.
> The lead head is forced onto and into the hole made by the nail thus
> preventing water from getting in. Over time the lead will leach out
> into the water running off the roof and into your cistern. Doubt you'd
> want to drink that under any circumstances, though many have over the
> years.
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