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> This will come as great shock to the overwhelming majority of the
> scientific community.  I'm not going to get in an argument over Evolution
> as this is not the place.  But regardless of one's philosophical /
> religious viewpoint, Evolution is, in fact, science.  Your definition of
> science is limited and points about whether or not Evolution has been
> observed is not supported by the scientific community at large. Your
> points about being clear are valid.
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> > Howdy, all.  Have not been a part of current thread, but now feel it is
> > time for my "two cents worth" (advice is free and worth every penny you
> > pay for it).
> >     I believe in definitions as a way to clearly communicate.  That
> > said, here are mine:
> >
> > Knowledge -- a set of information, usually, but not limited to, facts
> > about any given subject, may  not necessarily be applied, nor even
> > applicable to any given situation.
> >
> > Wisdom -- how to apply what is known through knowledge, reason, and
> > even intuition to any given situation.
> >
> > Science -- a repeatable, observable phenomena.
> >
> > That said, one can have a set of facts and still be clueless as to what
> > to really do, or how to do it.  Also, anything that falls outside of
> > the above definition of science, falls into a belief system.
> > Evolution, for example, is NOT science -- it has never been observed,
> > nor repeated, and so, is a belief.  You may choose to believe any such
> > thing, and we all do, and so, as many have pointed out, we all have a
> > bias, or point of reference.  None can truly be objective.  We need to
> > be careful what we call science, and realize many of our cherished
> > ideals do indeed fall into the category of belief.
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