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Thu Dec 13 15:31:00 EST 2001

I appreciate your response and will hereafter refuse to participate further
in this thread.  You can have the last word.   But......
Personally, I don't have a problem with heterosexual monogomy; it works
well for many species in nature.  (I don't see it as something to be
eradicated from the face of the earth.)  There is most definitely a
difference between that joke and genderism.  And it's a far cry from the
Afgan joke.  The joke was not a genderist slam against women or men for
that matter, just an observation of a quite frequent occurrance of
interaction.  I'm guessing that you haven't been married.  There is pleanty
of truth in that joke, no matter if it is considered by some to be in poor
taste.  I am happily married to one of the most progressive women on the
planet who would dump me in a New York second (slam on NY?) if I even
scented of genderism.  If she can laugh at that joke (and she can), perhaps
others can too, even the self-proclaimed pollitically correct folks on this
list (I've been on this list since it started).  One last question for you?
 Are you going to stay pissed off about this for a long time and chew up
more bandwith banging this around?   Or are you going to let it go?
Gene (still having fun) Monaco

Message text written by "permaculture"
> From: Gene Monaco

> > The philosophical banter is starting to bore
> > me - seems like too many of you guys MUST 
> > have the last word....
> I read that in an argument between a man and a
> woman, the woman always has the last word.

Gene, although you signed off as "having fun," I
I do not see genderism as a good reason for the
purported humour above. With these comments you
perpetuate institutionalized gender roles of
heterosexual monogamy that people have been
working to eliminate for decades and longer.

An analogy can be made between this joke and the
Afghan joke--forums better than a pc-list can be
found for these examples of cultural ignorance.


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