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Lee Flier lflier at
Thu Dec 13 13:29:45 EST 2001

All right, THAT DOES IT!!!

I've been mostly lurking around here lately, and haven't had too much time
to read the discussions fully although what I've read has been
interesting... but all this politically correct crap is just too much, and
in fact it is one reason why I've been increasingly disgusted with the
permaculture crowd and environmentalists in general, even though I am one -
nobody is allowed to have a freaking sense of humor anymore!  You can't say
anything even in jest without somebody getting their panties all in a wad.
I'm a very sensitive person, and I hate stereotypes more than almost
anything, but humor like this doesn't do anything to "perpetuate"
stereotypes. If anything, poking fun at a stereotype can help to break it
down.  How can people ever become close if they can't laugh together,
including about sensitive issues?  Sorry, I thought the Afghan TV Guide was
hysterical, and Gene's post was funny too, and I did not take them to be
reflections of what the posters actually think of Afghans or women.

And even if I didn't think the posts were funny I'd just hit the delete key
and leave it at that, rather than tell others what is appropriate to think
and say.  Will the Thought Police please give it a rest?

Oh, and by the way, I'm a woman, so I get the last word. :-)


> Gene, although you signed off as "having fun," I
> I do not see genderism as a good reason for the
> purported humour above. With these comments you
> perpetuate institutionalized gender roles of
> heterosexual monogamy that people have been
> working to eliminate for decades and longer.
> An analogy can be made between this joke and the
> Afghan joke--forums better than a pc-list can be
> found for these examples of cultural ignorance.
> Sean

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