Water Ponding

FranksFarm at aol.com FranksFarm at aol.com
Wed Dec 12 22:53:03 EST 2001

Good day all,

Just a question or two on water management/land grading.

I plan to do rotational grazing for my cattle. My pastures are ringed by 
fairly high hills that when it rains creates areas of ponding, and often a 
bloody muddy mess.

Further some of the pastures are pretty uneven, and contain cedars and other 
Moving dirt and gravel to the problem areas would be expensive and time 
consuming. Putting in drains would also be quite a job, and possibly 
expensive due to the number of wet areas, and distances to drain ways.

I have a box blade and a tractor that could be used to grade some areas, but 
I'm really wondering if the benefits are worth it?

Look forward to the lists' comments.  TIA  Frank  

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