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This will come as great shock to the overwhelming majority of the 
scientific community.  I'm not going to get in an argument over Evolution 
as this is not the place.  But regardless of one's philosophical / 
religious viewpoint, Evolution is, in fact, science.  Your definition of 
science is limited and points about whether or not Evolution has been 
observed is not supported by the scientific community at large. Your 
points about being clear are valid.

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Subject: knowledge, wisdom, words

> Howdy, all.  Have not been a part of current thread, but now feel it is
> time for my "two cents worth" (advice is free and worth every penny you
> pay for it).
>     I believe in definitions as a way to clearly communicate.  That
> said, here are mine:
> Knowledge -- a set of information, usually, but not limited to, facts
> about any given subject, may  not necessarily be applied, nor even
> applicable to any given situation.
> Wisdom -- how to apply what is known through knowledge, reason, and
> even intuition to any given situation.
> Science -- a repeatable, observable phenomena.
> That said, one can have a set of facts and still be clueless as to what
> to really do, or how to do it.  Also, anything that falls outside of
> the above definition of science, falls into a belief system. 
> Evolution, for example, is NOT science -- it has never been observed,
> nor repeated, and so, is a belief.  You may choose to believe any such
> thing, and we all do, and so, as many have pointed out, we all have a
> bias, or point of reference.  None can truly be objective.  We need to
> be careful what we call science, and realize many of our cherished
> ideals do indeed fall into the category of belief.

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