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Howdy, all.  Have not been a part of current thread, but now feel it is time for my "two cents worth" (advice is free and worth every penny you pay for it).
    I believe in definitions as a way to clearly communicate.  That said, here are mine:

Knowledge -- a set of information, usually, but not limited to, facts about any given subject, may  not necessarily be applied, nor even applicable to any given situation.

Wisdom -- how to apply what is known through knowledge, reason, and even intuition to any given situation.

Science -- a repeatable, observable phenomena.

That said, one can have a set of facts and still be clueless as to what to really do, or how to do it.  Also, anything that falls outside of the above definition of science, falls into a belief system.  Evolution, for example, is NOT science -- it has never been observed, nor repeated, and so, is a belief.  You may choose to believe any such thing, and we all do, and so, as many have pointed out, we all have a bias, or point of reference.  None can truly be objective.  We need to be careful what we call science, and realize many of our cherished ideals do indeed fall into the category of belief.
    All this said, I'll choose wisdom.  There is more wisdom inherent in one seed than in a lot of human effort.  If we put all the best scientists, with all the best equipment together, they could NOT make that one seed.  I trust my intuitive side, and wonder and marvel at the beauty and order or creation, and borrow from it all the wisdom I can, it is certainly greater than anything I can muster.
    And yes, words CAN be weeds.  (definition of a weed -- a plant whose uses are not yet fully appreciated, or perhaps is growing in the wrong place).  Perhaps a good, early example is found in the Bible, Matthew chapter 13.   But one of the best, perhaps has been on this list lately.
philosopher on a tractor, poet with a chainsaw... knowing that I know little, but learning.
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