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>...because without a job, a lab, funds, research facilities, etc. it
>might be pretty hard to "do science."  Not to mention kids, mortgage
>payments, all the various obligations they've chosen

Reminds me of the great soil research conducted by Dr Alan Smith when he 
discovered the ethylene-oxygen cycle. His findings weren't what the 
funding organisation wanted (no new product) so he was promoted and his 
papers buried in the archive labarynths of the Ag department. Fortunately 
he gave one conference presentation on his work before he was silenced. I 
contacted him in '85 to speak at a Pc conference and he declined saying 
he couldn't talk about that particular research ("I've got a good 
position, a family & morgage") but kindly gave me references for the bits 
that had been published in the departments annual reports. I wonder how 
many other gems are gathering dust in those archives....

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