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georg parlow georg at
Tue Dec 11 15:17:24 EST 2001

hi sean

> Just as false premises can give a correct
> conclusion, so too bogus theories can purport to
> explain demonstrable effects.

why do you do this? placing the above sentence on top of your reply to my
statement about tcm, makes it very easy to jump to the conclusion that you
think of tcm as fals premises and/or bogus. Having noticed your deliberance
in language and thought so far i cannot believe that you actually do believe
such about a matter you do not know details about. so why do you place this
above sentence there, right between my statement about tcm and your
statement about tcm? i really would very much appreciate a truthful answer
to that (as pm is o.k. if you prefer).

> I don't know the
> details about TCM,

i am no expert either, but i am around people who are (for western
standards), and picked up enough to be able to treat myself now. havent been
to a doctor (any doctor, inlcuding tcm) for about 25 years now. (which says
something about me and nothing of medicin).

but i do grasp a lot about the underlying principles - unfortunately not
enough to be able to pass it on. fact is, that i have been closely studying
with a Real expert (with a capital r), expert even in chinese standards, for
about 15 years. i have not been studying medicin at all, but in the
traditional chinese context medicin, spirituality, art and science/teaching
(and design, for that matter;o) are not really separated. [and i claim: any
culture that has developed to a point, where you can easily separate these
abovementioned fields to the point where you can be a recognized expert in
one of the fields and understand no nothing about the others, has gone way
astray and lost connection with the roots of life.]

and i have gathered a lot of anecdotal 'evidence' over the last 25 years of
my life, to be fully satisfied that tcm is way superior to western medicin
except when it comes to fixin the mess after an accident, or after a
treatable problem has been ignored and repressed for several years and
finally creates an emergency "all of a sudden". to treat a problem when it
is still small is not prevention, but treatment and healing of a problem. to
ignore a problem when it is still small and treat the symptoms (=make them
disappear temporarily) is stupidity, and nothing else.

so to tie this into a pc context: tcm manages a system so emergencies don't
occure, while western medicin is good at treating emergencies (that it
usually created first), and is ignorant about the very idea of systems and

> I was talking to my doctor
> and he told me that for certain preventive
> matters, acupuncture

in my life i have seen numerous longterm healings, even of quite matured
problems like severe depression for years, blood cancer, arthritis etc. by
tcm - which means by acupuncture, herbal medicins and dietary measurements
alone. and i have seen documentation of people receiving internal surgery
while fully consious and watching the guys messing around in their guts,
thanks to acupuncture. (these days in china they have both tcm and surgons
working together).

> but lots of other stuff can be found. Try a
> search on your favourite engine for
> "evidence-based medicine" and "evidence-based
> complementary medicine" and "evidence-based CAM".

why do you suggest that? i didnt get that point.

> life do we escape this. Why do people feel so
> pissed off about science for this shortcoming?

i am not pissed off about science for its shortcomings. if pissed at all i
am pissed off about people who are so culturally brainwashed that they
regard other world views as bogus or inferior, without even bothering to
take a closer look. i am pissed of about the all too many people who believe
themselves to have a "scientific world view", while actually they are simly
narrow minded and racist. i am pissed off about our culture, (which went
global in the meanwhile), where it isnt the shamans
(healer/priest/artist/scientist/teacher) advice that governs the world, but
the greed of the moneypeople, or worse: the fad of the consumerist without
any agenda. i am pissed off about living within a system that doesnt give a
dime about the idea, that psycho-emotional development needs to be the base
for any other kind of education that might put you into a position of power
or social influence.

but for the most part i am not pissed off. sometimes i am sad, and most of
the time i am simply happy in spite of the culture i live in, and apply
myself to create my own kind of culture.

love, light and balance.

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