cultural myths and misery

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Sean, however you polish and parade the bright buttons of your learning,
they will not bind the gap that exists between knowledge and understanding.
As you ruthlessly work your way from A-Z of the academic library catalogue,
you will unfortunately miss a work of fiction where you are already
immortalised: look under Dead White European Male, French (the worst kind as
you've already made clear in an earlier post), Sartre, JP, 'Nausea':
Roquentin finds you in the town library.
But wait, you have appended Husserl to your impressive list, perhaps you too
will discover the ultimately representational nature of Husserl's
phenomenology that undermines his attempt to overcome the West's enduring
dualism, Heidegger did and went on to radically deepen Husserl's invaluable
ontological work.  And from Heidegger to Sartre is but one small step.
I take it this is the climax of your posts, the ejaculation you have been
working on for the past four weeks? Can I ask you to be a little quicker
about your business next time as I have found myself too often looking at my

And John, much as I admire the tact and the effort you make to see the other
persons point of view in this thread and previously (I have been around this
forum in one form or another over the last year or more), and in pc this
ability is of untold value, perhaps there is a moment when the wish exceeds
the possibility: from the evidence of these emails you and Sean are
certainly not having a 'furious agreement'.

At different times, different people have urged that this discussion is
worth having, I disagree.  I feel such comments cover a mild embarrassment
at what has become a moronic inferno.  There has been no light generated to
counter the heat, no sudden lightening from the too loud thunder.

Souscayrous...apologising to the vast majority of this list who have, I
suspect, no interest at all in this thread...promising to stick to the
practical aspects of pc from now until eternity...

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John, salut!


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