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>> involved government/aid organization circles to offer up permaculture
>> designing and systems as an approach to increased food/community
>> security in Afghanistan.
>This is especially important in order to reestablish indigenous crops in
>Afghanistan. The history of U.S. government involvement in wordwide
>agriculture has been atrocious. Especially when tied to drug crops.
>For instance, in Columbia and Peru, the U.S. pushed asparagus (by
>paying farmers to grow it)as an alternative to coca. Now the U.S. is
>flooded with S. A. asparagus and this year the growers in Michigan
>(where it is often grown on small farms) have been forced to lower
>their wholesale price from $0.62/pound to $0.54.
>Let's push the goal of  growing food in Afghanistan for Afgani people,
>not some alien crop grown for export.

BBC news announced that the government of Venezuela 
pland to institute a program of land reform whereby
the 85% of their population that does not have clear title
to their land will get that; furthermore as most of the land is owned
by 2% of the population I gathered that some of this land will be
distributed to others in the hope of increasing food security for the 
poorer segment of their society.

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