Straw man

S.K. Harrison skh23ca at
Mon Dec 10 06:36:14 EST 2001

Hi Claude,

At the following link you will find a description
and an example of the strawman fallacy:

Also on the same page you will find an intro to
logic, along with a couple dozen other informal
fallacies; however, I do not know if it provides
an exhaustive list.

To give some more context to the logic and
fallacies, you may like also to read a couple of
Mike Huben's little essays, one entitled Distrust
in Logic, at

and the second, Skepticism of Rationality, at

Another much longer piece by Michael Sofka,
entitled Myths of Skepticism, can be found at

I've given you a ton of material for such a gram
of a question, but I believe it appropriate for
the kind of discussion being waged.


> From: Claude  Genest <genest at>

> I don't know what a straw-mam is, can someone
> tell me please ?

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