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Mon Dec 10 03:24:03 EST 2001


> Any decent well, properly installed will have galvanized casing
> installed and grouted securely into bedrock. 

This is typical of what I've seen, but galvanizing isn't exactly
low-tox - (small-print) warning messages are now appearing on packages
of galvanized wire bought at hardware stores.  Basically they say
something like "don't eat anything you've touched with your hands (or
suck on your finger, etc.) after touching this stuff until you wash
your hands *real* well, and it might be a good idea to wear gloves when
handling it."

Galvanized roofing isn't OK for potable catchment, afaik.  I certainly
wouldn't drink water off it except in an emergency.

Anybody have more details on galvanizing?

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