cultural myths and misery

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> If have a chance to read my article, I comment on this.

Plan to - want to read it at one sitting and didn't have time when I
first went to the link.

>This sort of hamstrung us, as we didn't have
> any elders to help guide us and no numbers of children we could
> re-inforce our lifeway by sharing with them (and learning from them 
> too!). I came to
> the conclusion that a tribe with any vision for the long haul
> requires multiple generations of families with strong ties.

Thanks for this, good insight to remember; sometimes intentional
communities starting from "scratch" seem to encounter similar
challenges of being a "monoculture" in one aspect or another (age,
experieces, background, etc.).  Looks like monoculture doesn't work for
us humans any better than for other plants and critters...but we keep
heading that way anyhow... :-o

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