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> involved government/aid organization circles to offer up permaculture
> designing and systems as an approach to increased food/community
> security in Afghanistan.

This is especially important in order to reestablish indigenous crops in
Afghanistan. The history of U.S. government involvement in wordwide
agriculture has been atrocious. Especially when tied to drug crops.
For instance, in Columbia and Peru, the U.S. pushed asparagus (by
paying farmers to grow it)as an alternative to coca. Now the U.S. is
flooded with S. A. asparagus and this year the growers in Michigan
(where it is often grown on small farms) have been forced to lower
their wholesale price from $0.62/pound to $0.54.

Let's push the goal of  growing food in Afghanistan for Afgani people,
not some alien crop grown for export.

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> Aloha,
> ...and speaking of Afghanistan, the powers that be (UN, etc.) and some
> news editorials are starting to make preliminary noises about plans and
> intentions for rebuilding Afghan agriculture, getting the poppies out
> as primary crop, etc. etc.
> Seems to me the time is ripe for anyone, and anyone who knows anyone,
> etc. to start using whatever influence they have in UN or other
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