cultural myths and misery

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> > I have attempted this-- at least as close to a native lifestyle as I
> > could attempt in
> > this modern world. I spent over three years living in the bush as a
> > "wildman"...
> Fascinating.  Thanks for posting this, and I plan to read your account.
> It occurs to me that one thing you didn't have was a tribe or community
> (if I understand your post, you were solo in this you feel
> that would have made it less gruelling and more manageable, as it
> presumably did for our distant forebears?
If have a chance to read my article, I comment on this. Part of myjourney
was solo, but a significant portion was spent within a small circle of
people trying to live as a tribe. We all were basically the same age with
very similar life experiences. This sort of hamstrung us, as we didn't have
any elders to help guide us and no numbers of children we could re-inforce
our lifeway by sharing with them (and learning from them too!). I came to
the conclusion that a tribe with any vision for the long haul requires
multiple generations of families with strong ties.

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