cultural myths and misery

georg parlow georg at
Sun Dec 9 05:33:22 EST 2001

hi john, sean and all:

> Meanwhile, countless cultures without "science" and "physics" as we
> live them created their own explanations/descriptions of what they
> observed as consistent phenomena, and used them to

as my favorite illustration of this point i want to throw in: TCM.
traditional chinese medicine is producing recognizably better preventive
measurements, diagnosises as well as treatments for most medicinal fields
except surgery to fix the damage of accidents. but in western terms it is
totally "unscientific", is a weird explanation model of 'meridians',
'elemental energies' and other strange. so far i have not heared of a
'scientific' explanation why acupuncture works things - but it works darn

> I recall the scientific reassurances that DDT was
> perfectly safe.

"in modern science we go from one ignorance to the next, and always the
latest ignorance is worshipped as the truth" - a quote from a guy, who
claims yoga to be scientific (if you follow the instructions you will end up
with a very similar result - only problems are that the laboratory is your
own bodymind, and an experiment might take you 15 years)


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