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>> The drillers were not
>> knowledgeable about  alternative materials. So they installed a well
>> casing of PVC, and I don't want PVC in our well, so will have it 
>> removed. I have not located any electrical wire for  the submersible 
>> pump that is not coated in PVC.
>Greenpeace has a PVC alternatives database here:

Any decent well, properly installed will have galvanized casing
installed and grouted securely into bedrock. Rubber insulated
electrical wire is readily available but most nowadays is probably
plastic insulated - don't want to skimp on that factor as torquing of
the pump during startup can stess the wire a little over time - there
are torque qrrestors to solve that problem and are recommended.
>Haven't browsed it much myself, but hope it helps...
>> The electrical utility wanted me to sign a form that gave them

>> rights, IN PERPETUITY, to construct, trim, cut 

spray, etc., etc. 

And the herbicide they use is much worse than RoundUp.

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