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Sat Dec 8 17:29:52 EST 2001


My main part-time (though it grows on its own, full-time!) eco-design
work is with an acre I have in Paradise Park subdivision, lower Puna
district, Hawai'i Island, Hawai'i.  It's lowland (~150ft.) tropical
rainforest, lumpy bumpy lotsa-cracks pahoehoe lava underneath, organic
duff of varying depths (from 0" to maybe 12" at one or two spots, but
average is probably more like 2"-4").

I posted a number of pieces a year or two back about what I was up to
there; should be in the archives.  I put the word "punaculture" in the
subject of most all those posts.  Most recent time there was to build a
DIY ferrocement storage/garage building, tend previous plantings, plant
a few more things, try a few grafting experiments, etc.  I'll start
putting more up on my site, with pix, after I get the basics of the
site makeover I'm currently working on in place.

I'm also doing urban-scale front and back yard stuff here in Seattle;
my housemates, who own the mortgage on this their house, are into
gardening and curious about PC so I've innoculated them with the loan
of "Gaia's Garden" and they plan to get their own copy.  They're not
into lawns and appreciated me turning the front yard into garden beds
and herb plantings; they've done some fruit trees & berries, including
espalier apples, in the back and right now I'm building a trellis for
the raspberry cane patch, etc. etc.

I will be visiting an old friend down in SLO (central coast CA) around
new years; she's got an acre with fruit trees and Biointensive (they're
picky about that capital B ;-) beds and an almost-pond and is
interested in continuing with PC stuff, so we may do some assessment
while I'm there.

That's part of the sort of thing I'm up to...

John Schinnerer, MA
- Eco-Living -
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