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georg parlow georg at
Sat Dec 8 17:00:02 EST 2001

> animal flesh. As someone on the farm reported to
> me, the act of slaughtering an animal should be
> taken in a spirit of sacredness. And I maintain
> that attitude today, two years later, preferring
> a vegetarian diet unless I am given or can
> purchase meat resulting from such a slaughter. I
> choose free range eggs for similar reasons.

wholehearted consent. not by accident was slaughtering a matter for the
priest cast in the olden days of the hebrews - dunno about other cultures.
and empathic company makes the difference between a tough learning
experience and a trauma - including death (as angelic teachers have
rightfully believed, when they chose to enter the gas chambers with their
jewish or retard pupils, even if they were not sentenced themselves). and
anytime i had slaughterd, it shook me deeply, but it was a natural kind of
shock, and it didnt leave me with guilt nor repression.

kind regards

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