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> The drillers were not
> knowledgeable about  alternative materials. So they installed a well
> casing of PVC, and I don't want PVC in our well, so will have it 
> removed. I have not located any electrical wire for  the submersible 
> pump that is not coated in PVC.

Greenpeace has a PVC alternatives database here:

Haven't browsed it much myself, but hope it helps...

> The electrical utility wanted me to sign a form that gave them
> rights, IN PERPETUITY, to construct, trim, cut spray, etc., etc. 

Good call avoiding that.  Up at some family land in Humboldt Co. CA the
utility co. told my aunt they needed to cut some (huge!) eucalyptus
near power lines at bottom of steep hill with pines on slope above
eucs.  Utility co. person subbed the job out to boyfriend's tree co.
and they were incompetent loggers and made a mess and took out half the
hillside of pines and left an unsafe tangled mess of full logs on top
of uncleared brush (plenty poison oak) and brambles.  Still an open
case to get them to clean it up two+ years later...

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