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Elijah Smith elijah at
Sat Dec 8 16:05:03 EST 2001

This is my first post on the list - hello everyone, just took a design
course on the big island of Hawaii and settled into 8 acres of thick rainy
jungle.  The previous owner, an old peace corps type, built a cabin here 15
years ago, partially with redwood harvested and milled from his Oregon
property.  Catchment & solar... though only 170 watts is leaving me
recharging this laptop out at the truck.

There's about a 1/2 acre cleared though pretty overgrown again; we've be
uncovering citrus and macnut trees and the like.  I'm hoping I've found some
avocado 'cuz that's all I like to eat anyway.  But the wild growth makes
transition to a food forest hopefully fairly simple - I just selectively
remove a (fairly useless & rampant weedy) melastome and stick in okra.  Or
something.  Still getting it sorted...

I'd love to hear from anyone else who's out on the islands, to compare
notes.  I'm definately in a tropical area but it's sorta particular -
extremely wet,  not much soil, etc... wondering what other people are having
luck with...



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