cultural myths and misery

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	I know what a 'straw man fallacy' is and did not see one in John's reply:
could you describe how he misrepresented your point re science ("scientific
assumptions/symbols") in his astute reversal, to make it seem more
implausible?  Or, rather, go back to the argument of those who rule the
symbols rule us because humans are a semantic class of life (after
Korzybski) and refute John's claim?


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> > Please take some basic philosophy of science
> > before constructing strawmen out of strawmen.

> Sean, this is hardly a fulsome rebuttal of
> John's ripe response;

On the contrary, John is misrepresenting science,
which makes it easier to attack. This strategy is
known as the fallacy of the straw man. Are you
familiar with it? Or with fallacies in general?


> I have an idea...I don't know, but it just
> might work!
> While John reads Science, the philosophy of;
> Sean could read Science,
> problems in the philosophy of...

I made a move toward something like that by my
invitation for John to share his intellectual
journey. I extend the invitation likewise to you.

> ...Souscayrous...close to John but tending
> toward the belief that there are
> truths to be known of reality, that scientific
> practices can reveal (Aye,
> but here's the rub; also knowing that so much
> more truth about reality is
> always already displayed in our embodied coping
> with the world: or, in
> Heideggerese our being-in-the-world).

I've learned too much about self-delusion,
emotional needs, optical illusions, intuitive
physics, folk psychology, etc., to have much
faith in the purported truth revealed by our
being-in-the-world. But perhaps I miss you point.
Do tell more.


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