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Sat Dec 8 11:52:37 EST 2001

Larry wrote:
> I thought "the dirtfarmer" was appropriate for 
> me as that was the lifestyle I sought on my 6 
> acre rural homestead - still do.

Larry, kudos for your efforts.
Also, do you make your own soy products?

Although I remain a meat eater, I did become
deeply affected by an event while studying at
Linnaea. We had a number of animals die on the
farm that year, in particular a momma cow and her
stillborn calf. After working all night to save
at least the mom, Liz ended up having to kill
her, because the dead calf remained stuck inside.
As we found out later, it's hoof was wedged into
the wall of the vagina and couldn't get unstuck.

I participated in the preparation of the carcass
for the butcher--including removal of the
baby--and it put a whole new light on eating
animal flesh. As someone on the farm reported to
me, the act of slaughtering an animal should be
taken in a spirit of sacredness. And I maintain
that attitude today, two years later, preferring
a vegetarian diet unless I am given or can
purchase meat resulting from such a slaughter. I
choose free range eggs for similar reasons.


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