Bob re "feeling just a little pissed off"

S.K. Harrison skh23ca at
Sat Dec 8 11:34:46 EST 2001

> From: Bob Howard <rmhoward at>


Of all the accusations you made against me, I see
definite grounds for the last one in your post.
Given that, you may like to scroll down and read
the last of my comments first.

> I don't feel particularly inclined to answer
> this request. Your posted comments have
> been specious, insulting and argumentative.

I'd like if you would show me the comments over
which you feel insulted.

As for "specious," I make mistakes of thinking
and expect others to correct me when I fail to do
so before pushing Send.

And "argumentative"? That seems like an
appropriate descriptor for a list with
participants as diverse as I've noted so far.

> You make blanket requests for information
> as if you have some right to it.

I'm unclear about which of my requests you are
speaking here. Requests for evidence? The request
for resources on kitchen crafts? The request for
descriptions of listmember ecologies?

> Why don't you wait and read for a little while
before jumping in feet first?

Why don't you leave me to decide when to read and
when to jump in, eh? I accord you that ability.

> You do not seem to understand the nature of 
> generosity 

How would you like me to behave?

I would much prefer you answer this question in a
clear manner, than resort to all the rest of your
moralizing bluster.

> and your comments in regard to the various 
> threads that you have participated in reveal an
> unwillingness to acknowledge or hear other
> people's point of view.

Would you specify what it would look like for a
person "to acknowledge or hear other people's
point of view"?

So far as I can tell, I give extensive attention
to other people's points of view. I gather, in
short, that you don't like the ruthlessness of my
disagreement and would prefer me to equivocate
more often than I do at present.

> Why should anyone share knowledge with some one
> who writes about books as if he is a bower bird

> intent upon collecting as many items as 
> possible.

At this, you have no basis for criticism. I fail
to see how my acquisitive habits correlate with
my deservedness for information.

(As an aside, judging from the tone of your post
here, you seem to imply that the bower bird and
the librarian should feel ashamed for their

> Will your increased knowledge impress your 
> friends? lead you to happiness? bring you 
> wealth?
> No. Perhaps you just want to be a good
> permaculture gardener. I suggest doing a search
> under 'permaculture' on google. 
> You will find plenty of examples and answers to

> your question without demanding people write to

> you. Why should anyone bother if you're just 
> going to argue with them.

I doubt you ask these questions but as rhetorical
moralisms. Please correct me if I've misevaluated
the tenor of your intentions.

> P.S. I posted a lengthy reply to your comments
> in one thread here. Your response was
> 'sorry  i can't respond because i'm too busy'.
> Since then you've been busily
> responding to other threads in this group.
> Forgive for feeling just a little pissed
> off!

No need to ask forgiveness. You have a serious
criticism here, and for this you have my deepest
apology, if you will accept it. I do remain
genuinely stumped by the broadscale implications
of some of the points you raised in the other
thread and, as I said, I cannot answer them with
my present amount of data. The effort that would
be required of me cannot be fulfilled with
integrity right now in my life, what with a
fulltime job, domestic duties, social life, etc.
I would hope to be able to answer them some time
after I begin school this coming January. (All of
this hence my claim of busyness.)

In spite of that, I can attempt to resolve at
least our seeming miscommunication in the thread
on language, meaning and nature. I'd like to know
if you would welcome this effort.

With sincere regards for your forthrightness in
this latest post,

Send your holiday cheer with

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