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Graham Burnett gb0063551 at
Sat Dec 8 05:14:51 EST 2001

> Why should anyone share knowledge with some one who writes about books as if he
is a
> bower bird intent upon collecting as many items as possible. Will your increased
> knowledge impress your friends? lead you to happiness? bring you wealth?
> No. Perhaps you just want to be a good permaculture gardener. I suggest doing a
> under 'permaculture' on google. You will find plenty of examples and answers to
> question without demanding people write to you. Why should anyone bother if
> just going to argue with them.

Well thats one way of interpreting Sean's request, and I would be able to empathise
with you Bob if Sean had requested that such information be emailed privately off
list to him, as it stands though it just struck me as an open request for
information that the whole group could find useful as it will give us all insights
into each others' situations and the diversity of circumstances that those of us
who describe themselves as permaculturists actually encounter.

F'rinstance my situation is very urban, living as I do in Southend On Sea, a large
built up town (pop @200,000) about 30 miles to the East of London following the
Thames to it's estuary. Soils tend to be heavy clay, and prevailing winds South
Westerly, but around here the main issues are about community building and urban
permaculture stuff, eg, transport, health, employment, pollution, growing food in
cities, creating green spaces, etc, etc and general human dynamics rather than
'land stuff'- I know that other list members live very remotely and hardly see
another human soul from one week to the next, their circumstances, issues and
prioritys are very different, but we are all sitting under the same rainbow
umbrella of Permaculture!!!

Sean's question is also a good way of getting us to actually think about 'hey,
yeah, just what IS my ecology???'. Sometimes it's stuff we just know instinctively,
but Seans question gives us a chance to think it through more formally by writing
stuff down in a form that makes sense to others, and maybe even cover bits we've
missed. "Just what IS my underlying geology??? Just which plants ARE indigenous
around here????.... I never actually thought about that until  Sean asked me to
write it down"- that sort of thing...


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