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Bob Howard rmhoward at
Fri Dec 7 22:18:45 EST 2001

"S.K. Harrison" wrote:

> When I joined this list several weeks ago, I
> described the land I'll be working at my new
> rental house. I'd love to hear what everyone else
> is working with, whether material, social or
> otherwise. For example, acreage/square-footage,
> principal difficulties encountered, number of
> days/months/years working that piece of land,
> species populations, strengths of local human
> communities, ad infinitum.

> Sean

I don't feel particularly inclined to answer this request. Your posted comments have
been specious, insulting and argumentative. You make blanket requests for information
as if you have some right to it. Why don't you wait and read for a little while before
jumping in feet first? You do not seem to understand the nature of generosity and your
comments in regard to the various threads that you have participated in reveal an
unwillingness to acknowledge or hear other people's point of view.

Why should anyone share knowledge with some one who writes about books as if he is a
bower bird intent upon collecting as many items as possible. Will your increased
knowledge impress your friends? lead you to happiness? bring you wealth?

No. Perhaps you just want to be a good permaculture gardener. I suggest doing a search
under 'permaculture' on google. You will find plenty of examples and answers to your
question without demanding people write to you. Why should anyone bother if you're
just going to argue with them.

Bob Howard

P.S. I posted a lengthy reply to your comments in one thread here. Your response was
'sorry  i can't respond because i'm too busy'. Since then you've been busily
responding to other threads in this group. Forgive for feeling just a little pissed

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