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Fri Dec 7 15:42:13 EST 2001

g'day sean,

we have not long ago purchased acreage in south/east queensland downunder. 
the block is 68.9 acres in size it has been used as grazing land since it 
was aquired by whom ever in the last 150 or so years. the land has at one 
stage been completely cleared of trees.

at present about 1/2 the block has a good cover of new growth, the other 1/2 
is still almost treeless. the head waters of 2 creek systems start here but 
these are badly silted from the degredation that took place after the tree 

most of the land is volcanic with basalt rock and clay, about 1/4 is 
sandstone with sandy loam soil very deficient in organic matter, hence no 
worm life or not in any numbers.

this could get drawn out so maybe you could come visit our site and read and 
see what we are doing or planning to do?

our new section can be linked to from the site index it is called 'our new 

if you come over to <alt.permaculture> we have just posted a little essay of 
where we are at at present, with a list of the trees we have planted.

see you

len n bev

it works for me it could work for you

"in the end ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do!!"
but consider others and the environment.

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>When I joined this list several weeks ago, I
>described the land I'll be working at my new
>rental house. I'd love to hear what everyone else
>is working with, whether material, social or
>otherwise. For example, acreage/square-footage,
>principal difficulties encountered, number of
>days/months/years working that piece of land,
>species populations, strengths of local human
>communities, ad infinitum.
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