Afgan TV schedule!!!!

S.K. Harrison skh23ca at
Fri Dec 7 15:03:14 EST 2001

> From: "Rex Teague" <DibbleGardens at>

> On 6 Dec 01, Michael Dean wrote:
> > Dear Carla,
> > 
> > Try not to take it to seriously, life's to
> short!
> Like Carla I failed to see the humour in your
> original post. 

I want to add my voice to the chorus of
displeasure that's mounting. Michael, if you have
friends that might laugh at this joke, go share
it with them. I urge you to take great care in
the future when you're inclined to post to a list
that's devoted ostensibly to social injustice.

What's more, you could learn something from the
flipside of your own demand. In this case, take
life *more* seriously--by reflecting on it before
pushing that send-button.


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