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>> From: "Lawrence F. London, Jr."
>> Have used the dirtfarmer handle for years.
>In a more sober mood now, I gotta say I like your
>nick. It's got class in a homegrown sorta way. :)

You are free to borrow it on an as-needed basis :-)
There are plenty of us around; dirtfarmers abound 
in rural areas. It has a nice ring to it - reminds me of the 
rural homesteading, small & family farming, subsistence farming
that used to predominate across this nation (Canada and Mexico
included). I was once heavily involved in electronic BBS'ing B4 the
Web when everyone used a handle; I thought "the dirtfarmer" was
appropriate for me as that was the lifestyle I sought on my 6 acre
rural homestead - still do.


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