cultural myths and misery

Rex Teague DibbleGardens at
Thu Dec 6 16:56:37 EST 2001

On 6 Dec 01, S.K. Harrison wrote:

> Rex, in your post that I quote below, you appear
> to be addressing someone else besides me. Exactly
> which of my comments do you believe you were
> replying to?

No you haven't quoted my post in full. My point was simple, a 
rebuttal of your advocacy of the scientific/rational as the sole arbiter 
of understanding.

I believe I correctly attributed the following (excerpted here from a 
larger previous quote) to you and not Korzybski: "... but you need to 
provide quantitative and verified data to convince those of us who 
don't want to be led around by the stupid-ring in our noses." Correct 
me if I was wrong?  

> I suspect that the measure of your comprehension
> of my last post stands in inverse proportion to
> the amount of the Korzybski quote that you didn't
> chop.

To my original list of Schumacher's "higher faculties" I should add 
charity. 8<]

Cheers... Rex

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