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One thought (that's all I have left tonight ;-):

Healing With Whole Foods : Oriental Traditions and Modern Nutrition --
by Paul Pitchford

It's a big text on food and nutrition, from an eastern tradition but by
a westerner (seems to be a good balance); I know it through a friend
who's an acupuncturist/traditional chinese medicine practitioner and
uses it as a reference.  

Includes lots of details on  food and herbal stuff in relation to human
health/biology that I haven't seen elsewhere, including the kind of
details medical practitioners need (and "lay people" too).  

For example (this is just anecdotal, mind you ;-) ;-), only in that
book did I discover that the widely recommended to cure everthing that
ails you echinacea is counter-indicated for anyone with auto-immune
stuff happening.  

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