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Two things - one, it's a great new PR approach to promoting GMOs :-p 
Two, notice (literally) the bottom line(s in the article) - it's a way
to create new premium-price markets markets markets and sell sell sell
more stuff stuff stuff.

For an already-existing bio-genetic approach to more holistic systemic
food choices than the typical one-size-fits-all approaches of
vegetarians, vegans, raw-fooders, etc., take a look at the
blood-type-based diet/lifestyle guidelines (Peter D'Adamo et. al.) 
I've got the most recent book and am using it; so far so good for my
digestion, and here's the web site:

He is opposed to GMO foods and microwaved foods and favors organic

> From:
> New Consumer, New Genetics  Publishes Full Report
> The Future of Nutrition: Consumers Engage with Science
> "The report, The Future of Nutrition: Consumers Engage with Science, 
> published in June 2001, is the culmination of research conducted by 
> the New Consumer, New Genetics (NCNG) program. 
> The Future of Nutrition is an examination of how nutrigenomics--the 
> study of the relationship between what we eat and how our genes 
> function--will change our conception of food and will enable
> individuals 
> by 2010 to choose foods selectively in order to prevent diseases to 
> which they may be genetically predisposed. The possibilities for 
> personalized diets using existing or new foods tailored to genetic 
> profiles will ripple through the food, health care, biotech, 
> pharmaceutical, agricultural, grocery manufacturing and retailing 
> industries, with dramatic strategic implications. The report focuses 
> on the ways that consumers can change diet-related behavior by
> responding to better information and includes in-depth
> analyses of the NCNG program's major national household
> survey and consumer focus groups. The market for
> nutrigenomics-based products and servicesby 2010 will
> encourage one third of consumers in the U.S. to be willing to
> pay more for their food products in order to enhance their health."
> .....................

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