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>I believe someone on this list made mention of "kitchen crafts." The
>reference may not have been in the body of the post; I seem to recall that
>it appeared in a .sig. I'm interested in food preparation and storage and
>have collected a few cooksbooks and other texts, but I'm looking for more
>recommendations. So far I have Mollie Katzen's series, Laurel Robertson's

>stuff, the Tassajara books, a book on food dehydration, Mollison's Ferment
>and Human Nutrition, and the Bubel's Root Cellaring.

The Wigmore book "Hippocrates Health Handbook" mentions "fermented"
foods, i.e. seed cheese made with sunflower seeds and rejuvelac

>I have pegged for purchase a number of other titles as well:

>Winter Harvest Cookbook—Lane Morgan 
>New Pauper's Cookbook—Jocasta Innes & Kat Harris 
>The New Book of Whole Grains—Marlene Anne Bumgarner 
>Stocking Up III—pub. Rodale 
>The Book of Tofu; The Book of Tempeh—William Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi 

The Book of Miso by the same authors

Books on Japanese macrobiotic diet (Michio Kuchi  ("The Macrobiotic
Way") and George Ohsawa for example) and other authors)

Meals That Heal
Shaker Cooking
The Ancient Cookfire

Any books by Ann Wigmore, Victora Kulvinskas and books on raw foods,
sprouts and juicing - also Jethro Kloss (mucousless diet) , Herbert
Shelton (hygenic diet)

Diet For a Small Planet
Recipes For a Small Planet
The Natural Foods Cookbook

>Butchering, Processing and Preservation of Meat—Frank G Ashbrook

Wendy's Classic Triple w. medium fries & small chili + mineral water
is a surprisingly tast and nutritious meal.

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