Kitchen crafts

S. K. Harrison skh23ca at
Wed Dec 5 18:32:04 EST 2001

I believe someone on this list made mention of "kitchen crafts." The
reference may not have been in the body of the post; I seem to recall that
it appeared in a .sig. I'm interested in food preparation and storage and
have collected a few cooksbooks and other texts, but I'm looking for more
recommendations. So far I have Mollie Katzen's series, Laurel Robertson's
stuff, the Tassajara books, a book on food dehydration, Mollison's Ferment
and Human Nutrition, and the Bubel's Root Cellaring.

I have pegged for purchase a number of other titles as well:

Winter Harvest Cookbook—Lane Morgan 
New Pauper's Cookbook—Jocasta Innes & Kat Harris 
The New Book of Whole Grains—Marlene Anne Bumgarner 
Stocking Up III—pub. Rodale 
The Book of Tofu; The Book of Tempeh—William Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi 
Butchering, Processing and Preservation of Meat—Frank G Ashbrook

I'd like if people would comment on any of these titles and recommend
others in a similar vein. I'd also appreciate recommednations with
anything of even remote relation to these matters, cuz I'd prefer to start
with the widest array and work from there according to my own tastes. So
lay it on me, if you will. No constraints.


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