cultural myths and misery

Rex Teague DibbleGardens at
Wed Dec 5 16:56:17 EST 2001

On 5 Dec 01, S.K. Harrison wrote:

> You opened with the claim "The perversion of the "ideals of
> science" for political/social purposes is the norm, not the
> exception." Then you gave a selection of examples. But I don't care
> how big you say they are, or how many you provide, this does not
> constitute anything besides anecdotal evidence. I suspect your
> point has merit, but you need to provide quantitative and verified
> data to convince those of us who don't want to be led around by the
> stupid-ring in our noses. 

And science has "proved" mice eat cheese! John made a perfectly 
valid point for me despite his "irrationality".

Fritz Schumacher in "A Guide for the Perplexed" used education as an 
example of rationality's folly. Take the authority/discipline schooling 
position to the extreme and you have a prison, on the other hand the 
liberal/freedom approach in the extreme leads to a madhouse. Ask a 
successful teacher what is the key and the answer will be along the 
lines of "loving the little horrors".

Rationalise love?? Love, empathy, participation mystique, 
understanding, compassion are faculties that come from a high level 
of self-awareness... Swedenborg's "regeneration". To me the 
rationalist's dichotomy has to be balanced with wisdom eg liberté - 
egalité - fraternité.  

Cheers... Rex

ps: The mice here are fearless in their pursuit of a feed of cheese. 
Unless Marie ties it on they snaffle it away without triggering the 
trap!!  8<)

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