cultural myths and misery

S. K. Harrison skh23ca at
Wed Dec 5 18:21:26 EST 2001

Brent Ladd wrote:

> I don't think there is a solution to this argument of "who has it 
> better". Perhaps the treasure that is found in this way of life, and 
> explored in these books, is that it lends a deeper understanding of the
> cycles of life and of Mother Earth than any other way of life possibly 
> could.

In reponse to the first sentence, I do believe we can determine who has a
better life, but only if we make our inquiry more specific than you

* how many individuals, on their deathbeds, would report feeling satisfied
with their lives?
* standard of living in the conventional sense used by the UN to rate
* rates of crime, poverty, starvation, war and insurrection, petty
violence, birth and death
* etc.

But I believe I see what you are saying, Brent, insofar as some axes
cannot be quantified, such as the ethical and aesthetic sensibilities of
individuals toward a particular way of life--to which you alluded, in

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