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New Consumer, New Genetics  Publishes Full Report
The Future of Nutrition: Consumers Engage with Science

"The report, The Future of Nutrition: Consumers Engage with Science, 
published in June 2001, is the culmination of research conducted by 
the New Consumer, New Genetics (NCNG) program. 
The Future of Nutrition is an examination of how nutrigenomics--the 
study of the relationship between what we eat and how our genes 
function--will change our conception of food and will enable
by 2010 to choose foods selectively in order to prevent diseases to 
which they may be genetically predisposed. The possibilities for 
personalized diets using existing or new foods tailored to genetic 
profiles will ripple through the food, health care, biotech, 
pharmaceutical, agricultural, grocery manufacturing and retailing 
industries, with dramatic strategic implications. The report focuses 
on the ways that consumers can change diet-related behavior by
responding to better information and includes in-depth
analyses of the NCNG program's major national household
survey and consumer focus groups. The market for
nutrigenomics-based products and servicesby 2010 will
encourage one third of consumers in the U.S. to be willing to
pay more for their food products in order to enhance their health."

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