Compost toilet building weekend in North Essex??

Graham Burnett gb0063551 at
Sat Dec 1 07:33:56 EST 2001

Hi all

Anybody interested in setting up a compost toilet building weekend at the Dial
House Centre for Alternative Globalisation ?

After conversations and meetings with the house occupants (gee & penny Rimbaud,
formerly of the band Crass), it's felt that the main limiting factor to using the
place for gatherings of any size or duration is the currently inadequate plumbing

Therefore it would be very useful to think about ways around this, one practical
answer would be to install compost toilets somewhere on the site in order to turn a
'problem' into a 'solution'- would anybody, preferable including at least a couple
of people who have experience & competence in such an area, be interested in taking
part in a weekend(?) workshop on site, probably early next year (spring?)

The house is near North Weald, Essex, @ 3 miles from Epping Tube station (Central
Line from London)

Please get in touch with me & I will liase with Dial House...

Cheers for now

Graham Burnett
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