language, meaning and nature

S.K. Harrison skh23ca at
Sat Dec 1 06:38:08 EST 2001

> From: Bob Howard <rmhoward at>

> I'm not entirely sure of where you're coming
> from here.
> <great big snip>

Bob, perhaps I have missed your point. I cannot,
however, set aside the minutes required to
resolve this miscommunication. Furthermore, I
have little data with which to respond to the
individual claims you made in your latest post.
So with due respect for your challenging views, I
will cut short my contribution to this thread.
Over the progression of our exchanges more
questions have arisen than I could answer--and
unfortunately, I haven't got the financial
resources to gamble on finding the answers on
this list.

Over the next decade, I hope to solve some of
these problems--both for myself and for my
professional work--through formal study in the
natural and social sciences, philosophy and
history. To my ends, however, I believe that a
relentless skepticism (a foundation of scientific
inquiry) will assist me to solve those problems
far more than will any marxist or pomo doctrines.
This basic orientation of skepticism has informed
my comments here to date and I see no need to
change this, in spite of the many questions that
have come up in other areas.

Sincere regards,

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