Keith Johnson keithdj at
Thu Aug 30 18:40:11 EDT 2001

We've used clay straw infill on several of our buildings here at Earthaven Ecovillage
(NC, USA) and, despite 5ft of rain per year and VERY humid summers, are very pleased
with its insulative performance. We definitely plan to continue using it.

georg parlow wrote:

> >>    Of related interest (insulation, that is), someone on the ferrocement
> list recommends clay coated straw as insulation with good R values.
> However, he is in Austin, Texas, which is much drier than Indiana. and the
> same issues exist here.
> hi there:
> all through germany and austria (and propably the rest of central europe,
> but i do not know this for sure) claycovered straw has been used for good
> insulating walls for centuries - and especially the north of germany is
> pretty wet. in many of the old frame-work houses this is stuffed between the
> structural posts and beams. all you need is plaster and a roof.
> cheers,
> georg
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