Southern Cross Permaculture Institute needs Jarjakot contact please

Keith Johnson keithdj at
Thu Aug 30 18:31:15 EDT 2001

Rick and Naomi,
These are the most current contacts for Nepal that I have in our Pc Activist online
directory. If anyone has newer data than this, please let me know.
Keith Johnson

Jajarkot PC Programme
  Chris Evans & Khadga B. Regmi, PO Box 10908,
  Kathmandu, Nepal
  Fax: int+ 977 1 225 277

Nepal Permaculture Group
  Raj Maharjan
  PO Box 8132, Kathmandu, Nepal
  Tel: +977 01 498436 Fax: +977 01 421054
  e-mail: <npg at>

ASEED-South Asia (Action for Solidarity, Equality,
  Environment and Development)
  is a sub regional non-governmental organization of
  youth and students in south Asia.
  P.O.Box: 7933 Kirtipur Kathmandu, Nepal
  Ved Raj Gnawaly Co-coordinator
  Tel: +977-1-332004 E-mail: <gvedraj at>

Nepal Community Support Group (NECOS)
Prasad Chhetry
GPO Box 3724 Thapathali, Katmandu, Nepal
Ph: int+ 977 01 213 827 Fax: int+ 977 01 225 277

Raju B Shrestha,
Bhimsengola, Purano Baneshwore,
GPO Box 8126, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Ph: int + 997 147 0210

Badri N Dahal
GPO Box 6716 Tangal, Kathmandu, Nepal
Ph: int+ 977 1 422 482
Fax: int+ 977 1 524 509

Mr Yam Bahadur Thakuri Malla
DPO Box 14, Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal
Ph: int+ 0977 056 21230 Fax: int+ 0977 056 21681

Naomi & Rick Coleman wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Rick is about to leave for a consultancy in Nepal, and would like to have
> Chris Evan's email and phone number at Jarjakot  to make contact with him
> while he is there if he has time.  If possible, could someone (maybe Graham)
> email us the contact address and telephone number, ASAP. We have a really
> old contact and no email address.
> Thankyou, we look forward to hearing from you.
> Naomi Coleman

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