Take action now to save mail order shipping of poultry.

Bill Kearney waamkearney at burnett.net.au
Sat Aug 18 21:07:19 EDT 2001

A lot of poultry breeds have .by selection lost the desie to sit.  I found
that by crossing back to a bantam breed I have no real worries getting
chooks to set.  The down side is that the old pure breeds may be lost.  My
own view is that 2 or 300 years is not long in evolution,  so are we really
loosing anything but something that man has interfered with to the stage
that it is not able to be self sustaining.

Bill kearney
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> > and others which seem to loose interest in setting after a day or two.
> gee, how happy are we here in europe. i know more people who wish their
> wood be less broody, than the other way around.
> georg
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