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>2) Locate your starting point then plot the contour using the A-frame; try a
>team of three for this - one to manipulate the A-frame, one following to
>hammer in pegs marking the contour, a third to carry the spare pegs; the
>pegs are made from any suitable stick found locally

Here in the States, the home improvement stores sell these wire things with 
little plastic flags on them for use in marking irrigation systems.  They 
are relatively inexpensive and almost infinitely reusable, and most of the 
time they go into the ground much easier and usually faster than a stake or 
peg.  I can survey and mark a swale myself when I use them.

They're obviously not available or suitable everywhere, and sticks are 
cheaper.  But I've been using the same several dollars' worth for about 
five years, and to me the tradeoff of money for labor saved is worthwhile.


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